Project Cost Monitoring

Standards and References

Our primary services are Cost Planning, Cost Management, Value Management and Project Monitoring Services described below. A list of relevant project experience is available upon request under strictest confidential conditions to respect the privacy of our clients.

Project Cost Monitoring

We provide Mortgage Monitoring services to Owners and financial institutions for both residential and commercial projects. We review the Developer /Contractor’s budget as part of the initial report process then make monthly site visits during construction to certify the value of work done to date and update the budget to account for any scope changes which may have occurred. We also certify progress in monthly reports for Client’s Project Managers as an added service to Cost management during design.

Our approach is to start with an initial report, where we will check the Contractor/Developer initial budget. In our report/service we translate these costs into elemental units to be able to analyze and consistently measure progress at progress claim reviews.

Although we do not provide assurances as to quality, we include Professionals quality & code assurance reports in our monthly draw reports. Anytime we see construction that is questionable or non-compliant LCVM directly reports issues directly to the prime or engineering consultants responsible.

The purpose of the cost monitoring is to determine authorization for Cost Control, and Expenditure.