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About LCVM

LCVM Consultants Inc. was incorporated in June 2008 and developed for the purpose of providing Cost Management, Cost Control, and Value Management services for small and large projects. Using experienced Professional Quantity Surveyors on projects our firm has successfully completed work for a growing list of clients doing a variety construction related projects. The majority of our workload is with private architectural and design consulting practices. We work in Alberta, British Columbia, the Yukon, NWT and Nunavut. LCVM has done over a thousand projects. Due to confidentiality for our clients, we prefer not to display these. Please contact us for your specific needs, should you wish more information on our experience.

With the exception of a few firms in Alberta, the majority of Quantity Surveyors employ one or two PQS professionals, and these firms provide specialty services to limited circles of clientele. At LCVM we work in partnership with experienced, independent Quantity Surveying firms that have specialists in cost planning, mortgage monitoring, business case analysis, and Life Cycle cost development. Our advantage is that with our Principals’ 35+ year experience in associating closely with these firms, we size reliable teams to suit project needs.

Our certified Quantity Surveyors, providing complete Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical and Civil quantity surveyor services are on contract with LCVM. Our contracts ensure individual clients will receive the services they retain, and if for some reason, the pre-selected individuals for a project cannot be made available, LCVM will ensure the clients that schedules and quality of cost service will not be compromised.

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According to our QS job skill-o-meter, an accomplished Quantity Surveyor needs golfing expertise. A hole-in one exceeds maximum requirements

  • Cost Estimate Classification System:

    Expected estimate accuracy range is an indication of the degree to which the final cost outcome for a given project will vary from the estimated cost.

    class Description Purpose Method Expected Estimate Accuracy
    5 Indicative/Conceptual Screening/Feasibility Historical/Info -30% - +50%
    4 Feasibility/OOm Concept/or Feasibility Parametric Ration -20% - +30%
    3 Preliminary Budget Authorization/Control-NB* Equipment/Factored/Semi-detailed -15% - +20%
    2 Definitive Control or Bid/Tender Detail-Quantity Based -10% - +15%
    1 Pre-tender Check Estimate/Bid-NB Detail-Quantity & Full Spec Based -5% - +10%